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Getting a job as a teen can be a great way to learn responsibility and earn some money! Please remember that youth between the ages of 14-17 are required to obtain a work permit. You must first receive a job offer from an employer, and afterward, you can obtain a work permit by filling out a work permit request form and giving it to Mrs.Escoto in the College and Career Center for approval.

Along with asking family members and friends for job leads or researching through the teen job search engines such as ZipRecruiterSnagajob, and Indeed, a great resource for Irvine teens seeking employment is the Irvine Youth Employment Services (IYES), which is located in the Heritage Park Community Center! They help with workshops, resume building, mock interviews, job leads, and they strive to equip teens and young adults for a successful job search. They also conduct job search workshops at Portola throughout the school year, so keep a lookout for those announcements!

Lastly, you can ask your counselor about the possibility of earning high school credits for your job through Community Work Experience!


How to create a Professional Email and Resume Presentation




Resume Templates- Click on a resume template below to create and edit your own version!

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Obtaining a Work Permit

Youth between the ages of 14-17 are required to obtain a work permit.

How do I get a work permit?

Work permits are issued by your school district. You can obtain your work permit by filling out a work permit request form and giving it to our ROP Career Specialist Mrs. Escoto in the Counseling Office for approval.

Over the summer or when school is not in session, the work permit may be obtained at Portola High from June 11-July 27. It is open Monday-Thursday from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM. Contact (949) 936-8282 for further information.

Should there be questions during closed school times, please contact Student Services at

Youth ages 14-17 must obtain a work permit before starting a new job. A Physicians Certificate of Health is required only for 14 and 15-year-olds.

When do I need to get a work permit?

  1. You must first receive a job offer from an employer.
  2. Ask the employer to complete the Promise of Employment section.
  3. If you are 14-15 years of age, ask the physician to complete the Certificate of Health.

Important Reminders

Work Permit Applications must be signed by the employer.

  • A parent or guardian must also sign the application.
  • A social security number is required to process a work permit.
  • Students will need to bring the completed application along with photo identification.
  • The completed “official” work permit is signed by the student and taken to his/her employer.
  • Each new job requires a new work permit.
  • There is no minimum GPA required for summer work permits.
  • All summer work permits will expire five days after school begins.

Entertainment Work Permits

Entertainment Work Permits can be obtained during the summer months by downloading an application at:


During summer, the “school record” section is left blank. Attach a copy of the minor’s recent report card. Send completed application, including a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Division of Labor Standards

c/o Entertainment Work Permits

6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Room 100

Van Nuys, California 91401